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SourceDay ERP Integrations

On-premises, cloud-based, cloud-enabled. You name it — we can work with any ERP.

Bridging the Gap

Between Suppliers & the ERP

ERPs are essential tools for demand planning and forecasting. But what happens when a supplier requests a change to an order that’s already been placed?

They send an email, right?

SourceDay was designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to collaborate with suppliers on orders, while keeping the ERP updated with the most current information.

Preferred ERP Systems implemented in 30 days or less

SourceDay integrates with all major ERPs – SAP, Oracle, AS400, Infor LN, Microsoft AX, Microsoft F&O, Microsoft BC, Acumatica. Average implementation time for all other ERPs is 90 days.

Which ERP Does Your Business Run On?

The Integration Process Explained


First, our technical experts will work with your IT team to connect SourceDay to the ERP. This can take as little as a few hours.


Next, your team will work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to configure SourceDay to your organization’s unique processes.


When you’re ready to start using SourceDay, we’ll provide training for your team. We’ll also take the lead training and onboarding your suppliers, starting with the most strategic partners first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t see my ERP on the list above?
That’s okay! We can work with any ERP, whether it’s on-premise or cloud-based. Our sales team can help you determine whether SourceDay is a good fit for your business.

How long does it usually take to integrate?
Preferred ERPs usually take less than 30 days. All others take an average of 90 days.

What if my ERP is on-premise?
No problem! We’re a cloud-based solution, but we can integrate with any ERP, whether it’s in the cloud or not.

How involved does our IT team need to be?
Compared to other projects relating to the ERP, implementing SourceDay is a light lift for IT teams. We’ll need their help setting up the connection between SourceDay and the ERP — which usually takes a few hours.

Does SourceDay replace EDI?
Ah, EDI. Most SourceDay customers using EDI do so to send POs to a few key suppliers. In those cases, we complement EDI nicely. As a lighter-weight, collaborative solution, SourceDay allows them to automatically send POs to all other suppliers.

For those not using EDI already, you probably won’t need it once you have SourceDay.