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Your ERP is a powerful tool—it does away with a lot of manual work and makes the creation of POs easier for your team. But there are still gaps to fill between your ERP and your supplier network to realize the most effective direct material PO lifecycle management. 

The SourceDay solution closes those gaps and lets you fully manage direct material POs from delivery to receipt, by extending your ERP purchasing capabilities to your suppliers.

Optimize & Extend Your ERP with SourceDay

Why does our solution make such a difference?

Your suppliers are more than a means to an end, they are an essential, foundational aspect of your business cycle. Smooth collaboration with them is the key to successful scheduling, production design, product quality—basically any logistical element of your business.

This is a relationship that requires consistent reliability. By incorporating built-in channels of communication and streamlined logistical checks into your ERP, you stay on top of this central element of your business, and stay ahead of the game in the markets.

Discover SourceDay for your ERP.

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SourceDay Optimizes & Extends Your ERP

Stop the email and spreadsheet madness! Juggling so many charts and threads can leave you dizzied and susceptible to human errors of misinterpretation, miscommunication, and general mistakes. What you need for your business to remain in control is a system that provides total clarity and centrality for all the information necessary to carry out your tasks. 

SourceDay leverages the power of your ERP and provides additional functionality to your management platform to fill in critical gaps, ensuring reliable data and organization to ease PO lifecycle management. With SourceDay, you can manage all your POs in a single dashboard and efficiently tackle PO communications regarding changes in type, quantity, scheduling and more, with your suppliers and buyers.

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Why SourceDay?

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Purchase Orders Change 52% of the Time

For many reasons, a purchase order can change after submission. Normally this is a huge inconvenience– when a purchase order changes, manual processes like spreadsheets, emails, and those stray post-it note memos create chaos. 

SourceDay facilitates the communication and collaboration of PO acknowledgments and changes to date, quantity, and price between buyer and supplier, automatically making updates back into ERP to keep data accurate. Reduce the hassle, increase productivity.

Remove Barriers to Supplier Communication

Suppliers can use email, EDI, or the SourceDay portal to process and make updates to orders. SourceDay captures all this data and compiles insights so you can have strategic conversations with your partners, plan and forecast more accurately, and diversify your supplier base when needed.

SourceDay is 100% free for your suppliers and there’s no supplier onboarding or adoption required. Seriously!

Give your suppliers the power of automation to create a collaborative partnership that holds everyone accountable. With Supplier Scorecards, you can track critical KPIs with each supplier, allowing you to set improvement goals and drive tangible performance improvements.

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