NetSuite & SourceDay Partnership

NetSuite & SourceDay Partnership

Cloud ERP Meets Cloud Supplier Collaboration

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Partner Name: Netsuite 

SourceDay Partner Since: 2019

SourceDay Listing: SuiteApp

Countries Supported: United States, Canada 

Why SourceDay & NetSuite

The SourceDay and Netsuite partnership helps companies improve supply chain visibility, from the first mile to the last. Here’s how. 

  • Automation replaces spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls traditionally utilized to manage order acknowledgments from your suppliers.
  • Prescriptive workflows and supplier performance scorecards improve supplier on-time delivery
  • Supplier order acknowledgments and exceptions inform demand planning in NetSuite.
  • Built for NetSuite (BFN) verified integration means faster TTV and protects your investment.
  • Managed services guarantees supplier adoption through training and enablement, at no cost.

Supplier Collaboration Built for NetSuite

For manufacturers, distributors and consumer brand companies, sourcing parts and materials from suppliers is mission-critical. So, in a digital world, why do buyers and suppliers still rely on emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets to collaborate on changes to price, quantity, and delivery date?

NetSuite ERP & SourceDay for Modernized Supplier Collaboration

Learn how DuraMark has transformed its procurement processes using NetSuite ERP and SourceDay.

DuraMark – 6 Day Integration With SourceDay

Hear from DuraMark and SourceDay during a roundtable discussion on the importance of supplier communication.


From startup to enterprise, Netsuite ERP is the #1 cloud ERP business software solution. With more than 18,000+ customers across 200 counties, Netsuite ERP offers a modern, scalable solution to run all key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. SourceDay is a collaboration engine that modernizes how companies work with suppliers. By replacing spreadsheets and email, our cloud solution prevents the main reasons you miss with suppliers, like late deliveries or bad lead times. With SourceDay as a partner, Netsuite has been able to extend the value of their ERP with a modern alternative to legacy supplier portals. 

Stop Misses at the Source

With SourceDay, NetSuite users avoid the common pitfalls that hinder supply chain growth including, unreliable PO data, wasted productivity, and inaccurate demand planning-all of which erode profit margins. Together, SourceDay and NetSuite help users meet customer commitments.