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Oracle + SourceDay

Your Oracle ERP is powerful and manages many aspects of your business—but it still leaves gaps when it comes to a truly collaborative relationship between you and your suppliers. And, you’ve got data issues due to manual processes and input/output issues. By optimizing and extending your Oracle ERP with SourceDay, you can automate the manual administrative work and bring suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders into the mix of fully leveraging the power of your Oracle ERP.

Get the most out of your Oracle ERP

SourceDay Optimizes & Extends Your Oracle ERP

SourceDay’s solution integrates with your Oracle ERP to fill in critical gaps, delivering true end-to-end PO lifecycle management. Over 50% of your direct material POs will change—let SourceDay help you manage those changes seamlessly, all within one system, and communicate changes back to your suppliers. No more late orders, no more manual communications like emails or spreadsheets, and no more confusion with suppliers.

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Why SourceDay?

PO Collaboration

In every segment of manufacturing, late POs can be devastating to production schedules and resource allocation. SourceDay’s PO Collaboration solution provides visibility and accountability for both your buyers and suppliers. With supplier scorecarding, you can review the performance of your entire supplier base and make better purchasing decisions, driving long-term, tangible supply chain improvements.

SourceDay Insights

In addition to communication, a supplier portal brings key data points into a single dashboard, allowing you and your suppliers to see metrics 24/7, in real time. SourceDay Insights also provides data visualization to track metrics businesses can use to identify issues and improve operations, with filtering capabilities to help users drill down on specific information. This critical information drives performance improvements and can lead to real-world benefits like less buffer inventory and better manufacturing efficiencies.

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