PO Collaboration For Packaging Procurement, Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Packaging impacts more than just protective labels or plastic bottles. It’s an exponentially complex world that impacts functionality of a product, brand integrity, and even consumer purchasing habits. And each “package” might have dozens of components, all sourced from different suppliers.

This complexity can be a hindrance to growth if direct materials procurement teams rely on emails and spreadsheets to manage many suppliers providing hundreds of unique packaging components. SourceDay unifies supplier collaboration to give packaging procurement teams one solution to manage every direct material PO from beginning to end. Plus, we integrate with any ERP.

Unify Your PO Management

SourceDay brings all of your suppliers into one system, streamlining your suppliers based on their processes to keep everyone running on all cylinders. Imagine never having to hunt for a PO delivery, change, or acknowledgment ever again.

Reduce Buyers’ Workload

Buyers using SourceDay report a 33% reduced workload in clerical tasks. That’s not just efficiency; that’s a game-changer. What could you achieve by reallocating a third of your procurement team’s time to strategic initiatives?

Improve OTIF Delivery

SourceDay customers aren’t just hitting targets, they’re achieving new ones—like 96% On-Time-in-Full (OTIF) delivery rate. PO changes are processed in real-time, updates can be made across multiple lines simultaneously, and everything is written directly to your ERP.

Eliminate Clerical Work for Your Buyers

Emails and spreadsheets require a lot of time, and ERP data struggles can be very costly if each PO change isn’t updated manually. SourceDay eliminates all that busy work with automated PO processes, guaranteed delivery, and a single place where buyers can manage everything.


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