6 Ways to Take the Guesswork out of Your PO Process

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February 26, 2020

6 Ways to Take the Guesswork out of Your PO Process

How do you collaborate with suppliers on RFQs, POs, Invoices, and Quality Control?

Most companies currently do things manually with spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and faxes to manage its suppliers against purchase orders. It is time to adopt supplier collaboration software to eliminate tactical tasks and proactively manage your supply chain.

What to expect from our procurement experts:

  • SourceDay’s Director of Alliances Colby Young will share best practices to help you get started.
  • SourceDay’s Phillip Pavelka will walk through a product demo.

It’s time to transform your PO process:

  1. Reduce manual processes
  2. Adopt one dynamic platform
  3. Boost supplier collaboration
  4. Gain shipment visibility
  5. Leverage real-time analytics
  6. Ensure ERP data accuracy