December 2023 Economic Outlook

December 2023 Economic Outlook

Rising Interest Rates, Global Recessions, and the Manufacturing Job Market

SourceDay’s Manufacturing Outlook Update, in partnership with Economic Forensics and Analytics (EFA), provides you with a comprehensive view of the American manufacturing landscape, combining macroeconomic insights with SourceDay’s unique industry data. Explore the factors shaping the manufacturing sector and gain valuable foresight into economic cycles.

In this report, we touch on several key indicators to watch:

  • Understanding how macroeconomic indicators can signal changes in the US economy, including 10-Year Treasury Bond rates, job openings in manufacturing, and GDP forecasts
  • Getting a clear view of the manufacturing industry’s performance through key indicators such as new orders, shipments, unfilled orders, and inventories
  • Gaining insights into the economic landscape as we head into 2024, with a focus on interest rates, inflation, and global factors impacting manufacturing
  • Navigating the uncertainties of 2024, from Middle East tensions to global recession concerns, and their potential effects on American manufacturing

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