Epicor Supplier Collab Webinar 05.05.22

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The True Cost of Inefficient Supplier Collaboration

Your Epicor ERP is powerful, but there’s still gaps between you and one of your most important stakeholders in your supply chain—your suppliers. Supplier collaboration is critical to the health of your supply chain. How do you bridge the gap between your Epicor ERP and your suppliers, in order to make sure you’re not missing PO changes, or ship dates?

Join Jim Frye, SourceDay Epicor Director and a 34-year industry veteran, in this on-demand webinar as he dives into the benefits of extending your Epicor ERP to better include your suppliers, avoiding manual processes, delayed shipments, and financial blowbacks.

In this on-demand webinar, Jim will cover:

  1. The true cost to your business of inefficient supplier collaboration
  2. Why your suppliers are the key to a successful supply chain
  3. How the traditional supply chain is antiquated, and how to modernize it
  4. How automation can help your business fully realize the power of your Epicor ERP

Jim Frye

Director, Epicor