Enterprise ERP Panel 3.17.22

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Extending Your ERP for Better Supplier Collaboration

Optimizing and extending the capabilities of your ERP starts with better data—you want to get the full value of your ERP, but sometimes the way to do that isn’t clear.

Your buyers are bogged down every day with cumbersome, manual tasks to create ERP data that is clean and accurate. What if there was a better way? And your suppliers aren’t being kept in the loop on PO changes and paid invoices—there’s more strategic ways to bring them into the fold and improve collaboration.

The trick to building trust in your systems is to understand your pain points and design a business process to address them, with a top-down change management approach. In this on-demand webinar, we brought together enterprise ERP experts from Coupa, Stryker, Juniper Networks, and Scientific Games for an honest, open conversation about how to get the most out of your ERP.

This on-demand webinar will cover:

  1. The benefits of extending your ERP with automation and collaboration solutions
  2. How companies are solving PO collaboration and change issues
  3. How to improve supplier collaboration and foster better supplier relationships
  4. Automating manual work involved with keeping your ERP data up-to-date

3 Main Segments of Supplier Collaboration

Tomas Wiemer, Director of Procurement Digital Transformation at Juniper Networks introduces the three main segments of supplier collaboration.

How SourceDay Helps with Supplier Onboarding

Hear from Stephanie Shrader, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing at Scientific Games, about how SourceDay leads the supplier onboarding process for its customers.

General ERP Usability

In this clip, Coupa’s Chief Procurement Officer, Michael Van Keulen, discusses the general usability and limitations of ERPs.

Brett Wagner

Strategic Account Director @ SourceDay

Michael Van Keulen

Chief Procurement Officer @ Coupa

Cheryl Hayes

Director, Global Procurement @ Stryker

Tomas Wiemer

Director, Procurement Digital Transformation @ Juniper Networks

Stephanie Shrader

Senior Director Strategic Sourcing @ Scientific Games