Extending your Epicor ERP: Epicor Experts Panel 2.24

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Extending your Epicor ERP: Epicor Experts Panel

We’ve spoken with thousands of ERP users, and one thing is clear—Data is king. SourceDay sheds light on existing data in your ERP and makes it more actionable, insightful, and extensible. By extending your ERP , you can leverage the full capability of your ERP and bring suppliers, customers, and business partners into the mix.

Join this on-demand webinar with in-house Epicor ERP Expert Jim Frye, Jennifer Mesiano, an Epicor veteran of 18 years, and David Rodriguez of Steiner Electric for an honest, open discussion around optimizing and extending your Epicor ERP, moderated by SourceDay CMO Sarah Scudder.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss:

  1. Gaining additional, actionable insights from your MRP and making intelligent demand planning decisions
  2. The benefits of a managed services program that can onboard and train your suppliers, guaranteeing supplier adoption for your Epicor extension
  3. Benchmarking and continuous improvement with deep, accurate data from your Epicor ERP that gives greater visibility into your supply chain

3 Metrics to Measure Savings

Learn about the three primary metrics that are used to measure hard-cost savings, productivity gains, and revenue protection from SourceDay’s Epicor Expert, Jim Frye.

Why Hesitate on Supplier Collaboration Solutions?

In this clip, Jennifer Mesiano addresses concerns of supplier adoption and why there is so much hesitation from supply chains.

Ensuring Supplier-Customer Engagement with SourceDay

In this clip, Epicor Expert, Jim Frye, discusses the strategies SourceDay implements to ensure that suppliers will actively engage with their customers.

Jim Frye

In-House Epicor ERP Expert @ SourceDay

As a former Epicor ERP Solutions Engineer, Jim has helped hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies increase revenue, reduce costs, and facilitate growth through delivery of tools and services designed to optimize end-to-end value streams for small and midsize companies (up to $1B). Results focused and purpose driven, Jim is a recognized thought leader in the manufacturing industry and a respected business professional, adept at identifying and monetizing the business value derived from solutions to business challenges.

Jennifer Mesiano

CEO @ Singular Consulting Services, LLC

Jennifer has been working with Epicor products since 2003. Early in her career she held production and warehouse management roles which allowed for hands on day to day experience. Later, she graduated to ERP Management and Senior IT Leadership. Before forming Singular, she served as the Director of Professional Services for a highly regarded Epicor Partner where she gained the experience of managing a consulting team and a number of implementations. Today Jennifer leads Singular Consulting Services, LLC. and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the Global Epicor Users Group.

David Rodriguez

Account Manager @ Steiner Electric Company

Sarah Scudder

Chief Marketing Officer @ SourceDay

Sarah Scudder is a self-proclaimed supply chain nerd, a sustainability nut, and lover of all things Bradley Cooper. She’s good at a loading the dishwasher but can’t keep potted plants alive. Green is her favorite color. Sarah hosts a monthly Voice of Supply Chain show that features people in supply chain doing extraordinary things. She also hosts several other shows and is a regular on marketing and supply chain podcasts.