How Chatsworth Manages Supply Chain Disruption

This webinar will give you insight into how the operations and IT teams at Chatsworth Products navigated the last six months of unprecedented change.

In this virtual conversation, SourceDay’s Sarah Moore speaks with Jonathan Peters and Spike McBride of Chatsworth Products to discuss learning not only how to avoid supply chain disruption but also how to improve their bottom line. They share specific examples of how they use SaaS technology to extend their ERP (Epicor) and collaborate with their suppliers in real time.

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How Chatsworth Manages Supply Chain Disruption

Meet Our Panel

Spike McBride

Chatsworth Products

Spike McBride is an accomplished and results focused Supply Chain, Procurement, and Operations executive currently working as the Senior Director of Materials and Logistics at Chatsworth Products. For more than 25 years, Spike has specialized in building world class supply chain and operations teams domestically and internationally. His experience includes leadership roles at Amazon Web Services, Epicor Software, Augmentix and Dell.

Jonathan Peters

Chatsworth Products

Jonathan Peters is the Director of IT at Chatsworth Products, and is responsible for enterprise-wide planning, organization, and execution of all IT functions. He has extensive expertise in software and supply chain processes. He’s also a proud EUG member. 

Sarah Moore


Sarah Moore is the CMO of SourceDay. Sarah brings 25 years of leadership experience at Software as a Service companies. She’s dedicated her career to helping companies adopt new technology to solve old problems in a variety of enterprise software categories, including supply chain, ecommerce, BPM, and SMMS. As the company’s lead marketer, Sarah is passionate about celebrating SourceDay customers’ success and encouraging others to learn what’s possible when they embrace change.