PrideSports Customer [Webinar-7.14]

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Customer Insight: How PrideSports Uses SourceDay to Navigate Current Market Disruptions

What is YOUR biggest 2022 disruptor?

It’s fair to say supply chain disruptions are the new norm. Add in labor shortages and it might feel like chaos.

With so much uncertainty, how can you better prepare? While there is no way to predict what is to come or control the marketplace, there are steps you can take to improve your reaction to these inconveniences.

Join us and our customer, PrideSports, in this on-demand webinar as we discuss the steps they’ve taken to be proactive in their approach to current market conditions. Our conversation with Mike Avramovich, Purchasing Manager at PrideSports and Mike Romeyn, Visual Sales Director at SourceDay will give some insight on how PrideSports is leveraging SourceDay to bridge the communication gap between their buyers and raw material suppliers.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll cover:

  1. How PrideSports’ integration of SourceDay is helping automate workflows and provide up-to date information on raw material purchases
  2. How PrideSports has reduced manual work and miscommunication with its suppliers
  3. How SourceDay is helping PrideSports become proactive vs. reactive to minimize the impact of a late purchase order line
  4. How supply chain disruptions have affected business and their solution to help reduce risk

Mike Avramovich

Purchasing Manager, PrideSports

Mike Romeyn

Visual Sales Director, SourceDay