How Procurement Can Build Supply Chain Resilience

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How Procurement Can Build Supply Chain Resilience

The events of 2020 have highlighted the impact supply chain disruption can have on a company’s top and bottom lines. Executive teams are intensely focused on increasing supply chain resilience while reducing costs and protecting existing revenue streams. They’re asking procurement teams to help balance these objectives, as demand volatility makes it harder than ever to optimize supply chain spend. The product and brand companies that adjust quickly and figure out how to juggle these challenges will not only weather the current storm–they’ll thrive.

To meet today’s challenges in supply chain spend management, we must embrace automation. Gone are the days of being able to throw bodies at a problem. Systemic inefficiency not only creates unsustainable processes, it creates enormous waste and revenue risk. Now is the time for procurement to lead through change.

Get ahead with this webinar recap featuring Tom Kieley, CEO and Co-Founder of SourceDay, and Go Kamiyama, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives from NetSuite.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Preserving the work that has been done internally to brand procurement as a value-driven function
  2. How to answer the question asked by finance: ‘Where did the savings go?’
  3. Breaking the organizational perception of a zero sum game between growth and cost savings
  4. Delivering expense reduction without sacrificing revenue or scale
  5. Change management lessons learned from procurement change agents
  6. The technology-enabled process improvements that make spend management more efficient and operation more responsive to changes

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Meet Our Panel

Tom Kieley


Tom Kieley is the CEO & Co-Founder of SourceDay. He founded SourceDay in 2013 after leading a supply chain group at Dell and go-to-market teams at enterprise software companies like Boomi and Pervasive. He and his co-founder started SourceDay to transform how manufacturers, distributors, and retailers collaborate with their suppliers in order to solve common supply chain & procurement challenges that both faced early in their careers.

Go Kamiyama


Go Kamiyama is the Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives at Netsuite. With 10 years of supply chain and procurement experience, Go has spent most of his career helping Netsuite’s health, beauty and wellness customers save money by adopting technology to digitally transform their operations.