Navigating Supply Chain Challenges in Manufacturing from the Perspective of Tom Kieley

Significantly Reduce Unnecessary Costs Accrued From Late Deliveries

In this video with SourceDay’s co-founder and CEO, Tom Kieley, he shares his past experience working on an assembly line at Dell where missing foam end caps that likely cost pennies on the dollar cost the company tens of thousands of dollars in expedited shipping costs and overtime for employees. The company even chartered private jets to transport the missing parts.

SourceDay’s cutting-edge supply chain software keeps production lines rolling to minimize unplanned downtime. This innovative solution prevented Dell from ever having to charter a private jet for the purpose of shipping materials again.

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How does SourceDay improve supplier collaboration and processes? Automated workflows, reduced fees on expedited shipping and overtime, 100% PO delivery, and visibility into the entire PO lifecycle. We facilitate flexible supplier engagement styles: email, EDI, or through the platform.

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