Learn How 3 NetSuite Customers Improved Supplier Performance to Fuel Growth

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August 12, 2021

Learn How 3 NetSuite Customers Improved Supplier Performance to Fuel Growth

Curious about how NetSuite customers like Winky Lux, Farmers Business Network, and Duramark used SourceDay to manage global supply chain disruptions?

Join two of SourceDay’s NetSuite experts as they get specific about how their customers use SaaS technology to streamline purchasing, operations and financial processes.

This conversation will not disappoint. Our experts will discuss their favorite real world customer success stories, and how to implement similar strategies in your organization.

You will learn how SourceDay + NetSuite customers DuraMark, FBN, and WinkyLux were able to:

  1. Gain visibility into your inbound supply
  2. Better manage your purchase order dates and quantities
  3. Navigating supply chain disruptions, while responding to seasonality
  4. De-risk the supply chain by extending automation

Colby Young

VP of NetSuite Unit at SourceDay

Colby Young brings many years of supply chain expertise supporting product organizations growth by utilizing automation to enhance supplier collaboration and boost supplier performance. Colby runs the NetSuite Business Unit at SourceDay as the go-to and best-in-class Built for Netsuite partner for direct spend supplier portal. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retail, or consumer product company, Colby has experience supporting complex supply chain goals and helping implement best practices for all things direct spend procure-to-pay.

Christine McAvoy

Director, Customer Success at SourceDay

With over a decade in Customer Success, Christine McAvoy strives to deliver a world-class experience for our Customers. As SourceDay's Director of Customer Success she and her team help our customers not only meet but exceed their goals. Dedicated to providing best practices, support for both our customers and their suppliers, and always looking for ways to improve the customer journey Christine views Customer Success as a constantly evolving way to help our customers grow and impact their day to day for the better!