NetSuite LinkedIn Live Show 04.13.22

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NetSuite + SourceDay LinkedIn Live: eCommerce Shipping Woes

We’ve assembled a group of top notch, veteran eCommerce execs who will provide valuable insights into their shipping nightmares. Freight disasters? You betcha. The crazier the better.

We discussed first mile disasters, last mile disasters, and any freight issues in between.

Our panel of experts, moderated by SourceDay Marketing Maven Sarah Scudder, shared their eCommerce shipping train wrecks and meltdowns. They revealed the wisdom gained from their mistakes, and how they have learned to refine their shipping processes and systems to add more value to their companies.

Sarah Scudder

CMO @ SourceDay

Colby Young

VP, NetSuite Business Unit @ SourceDay

Adam Runquist

Founder @ Heist Labs

Crissa Klein

SVP & COO @ PPT America