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Rocore Moves Away From “Business As Usual”

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With SourceDay we have reduced late deliveries, our pricing is much more accurate, and it’s a significant time-saver for our receiving and purchasing departments.

Tina Grow, IT Director


Accurate Pricing


Heat Exchangers Manufactured


Supplier Adoption

Tina Grow, IT Director at Rocore implemented SourceDay to help their procurement team keep up with the company’s growth. They replaced manual processes and increased on-time delivery, enriched vendor relationships, and improved buyer productivity.


Since 1984, Rocore has functioned like most manufacturers. Even as a leader in heat exchange products, their business faced the same procurement challenges as every other manufacturer. Rocore struggled with late deliveries and inaccurate pricing, caused by a lack of visibility to their purchase order data. Buyers were unable to give information to the shop floor about when parts would be received.

Rocore’s procurement team was accustomed to chasing PO data from vendors, and manually updating changes to price, quantity, and lead time in Syteline/CloudSuite Industrial ERP. When buyers were out of the office or left the company, the team struggled with business continuity because details were lost in the shuffle.

Uniting Buyers and Suppliers with SourceDay

Get to know SourceDay customer, Rocore, and how SourceDay helped them improve communication between their procurement team and their suppliers to run a more efficient business.

It’s very difficult and very expensive for us to have late product. We needed something that was going to give buyers more visibility.

Tina Grow
IT Director at Rocore

Supplier Collaboration Improved with SourceDay


  • Complete Visibility Unified dashboard gives visibility to POs throughout their lifecycle
  • Increased On-time Delivery More on-time delivery means reduced expedite fees
  • 100% Accurate Pricing Real-time ERP data means that POs are always up to date
  • Manage by Exception Buyers save time and manage POs by exception
  • Easy-To-Use Vendor Scorecards Data-driven scorecards simplify supplier evaluations


  • Limited Visibility Unpredictable POs undermined procurement team planning
  • Frequently Late Deliveries Poor supplier communication led to late deliveries
  • Inaccurate PO Data Disparate PO data caused inaccurate pricing
  • Inefficient PO Processing Manual PO processing monopolized buyers time
  • Ineffective Vendor Scorecards Manually completing vendor scorecards was a burden for staff

We can see shipping dates, shipping confirmations, what orders are hot and which vendors need a prompting-all in one place, visible to all stakeholders.

Tina Grow
IT Director at Rocore


Simple Integration Leads to Significant Changes

With all PO data and supplier communication organized in a single dashboard, Rocore’s procurement team can easily cover for one another when a buyer is out of office. SourceDay seamlessly integrates with Syteline/Cloud Suite Industrial ERP, meaning PO data is always up to date.

Plus, SourceDay handles all supplier enablement, training, and support. Since Rocore pays for the license, their suppliers access SourceDay for free. With SourceDay, Rocore’s suppliers are able to streamline labor-intensive tasks, quickly acknowledge POs, and ultimately, get paid faster.

SourceDay provides all the necessary training for Rocore buyers and their vendors, making the transition simple. “I don’t have to train our users, I don’t have to train vendors. It’s a very small footprint on our server… They handle everything,” said Grow.

SourceDay PO screenshot

SourceDay’s SaaS Solution Unites Buyers & Suppliers

With SourceDay, Rocore is able to improve communication between its procurement team and its suppliers. Through a unified dashboard, buyers and suppliers can hold each other accountable in acknowledging, tracking, and updating purchase orders, down to the individual PO line.

Rocore uses SourceDay’s Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) to speed up transaction times.

Suppliers use SourceDay-powered ASNs to print a standardized, uniform barcode with every shipment, significantly shortening receiving time and reducing errors. ASNs ensure that Rocore’s work centers receive their orders the day it hits the dock, instead of a typical 24-hour turnaround. This immediacy helps their suppliers get paid faster.


Rocore discovered they could run a leaner and more efficient procurement team. After adopting SourceDay, Grow noted a significant decrease in the amount of time her team spent managing POs. With this process automated, her team spent more time managing issues with specific POs to avoid costly fire drills. Now, her team is able to grade suppliers and share their performance in real-time, instead of building vendor scorecards by hand.

With SourceDay’s supplier collaboration solution, Rocore has reduced late deliveries and decreased the number of mismatched invoices that arrive at the dock. Because vendors are updating their pricing through SourceDay, products are no longer received at an incorrect price. “Our suppliers were happy to start using SourceDay because it allows them to get their shipments recorded faster, which increases their payment speed,” said Grow.

SourceDay has changed everything in the best possible way.

Tina Grow
IT Director at Rocore

Who we are


SourceDay is the collaboration engine that brings people, information, and processes together to modernize how companies manage orders with their suppliers, drive collaboration and ship orders on time. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-size manufacturers, thousands of organizations use SourceDay to connect their teams with their suppliers, centralize order data, and drive their businesses forward. Since 2015, SourceDay has helped more than 5,000 companies process more than $66 billion in direct spend.


Rocore, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN was founded in 1984 as a supplier of fabricated subassemblies used in heavy duty industrial radiators. In the early 1990’s Rocore moved away from sub-assembly fabrication into industrial radiator manufacturing and distribution. Today, Rocore supplies a wide variety of heat exchange products and services. With over 1 million heat exchangers manufactured in the USA and sold Worldwide, Rocore’s foundation is truly built around customer satisfaction through service, product quality, capability and flexibility.