5 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Resilience in the First Mile

5 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Resilience in the First Mile

While COVID-19 exposed weak points in virtually every supply chain, that potential for disruption has always been present. In fact, it’s easy to forget that disruptions have been a thorn in the supply chain’s side for a long time.

Rather than pursuing a return to what we used to consider normal, supply chain experts suggest moving toward a “new normal” instead–one where agility and resiliency will help to predict disruptions earlier and mitigate the effect of disruptions of all sizes.

In this new report, readers will discover tips on building better resiliency in the first mile as a means to shield against disruptive forces and improve overall supply chain performance. Highlights include:

  • The financial risks in your supply – and the risks of doing nothing
  • Why you shouldn’t treat spending and direct spending the same
  • The importance of prioritizing digital progress
  • The advantages of a cloud-based supply chain performance solution

It’s been a constant over the last four or five years that 40% of purchase order lines would experience some sort of disruption … Through COVID-19, that number has jumped to 60% or greater.

Tom Kieley, CEO of SourceDay
Excerpt from Playbook