SourceDay for Suppliers Webinar 04.28.22

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SourceDay for Suppliers: Why Should They Care?

Your suppliers are critical to your supply chain, but your ERP still has gaps when it comes to efficient supplier communication. SourceDay bridges this gap, ensuring that there are no surprises that invariably lead to missed ship dates, the slowing or shutdown of active production lines, and financial chaos.

If you’ve wondered, ‘will my suppliers actually use SourceDay? What do they get out of it?” then this on-demand webinar is for you. We dive into the supplier journey on SourceDay, the efficiencies created between buyers and suppliers, and how we transform your supplier relationships into partnerships.

This on-demand webinar will cover:

  1. The supplier journey on SourceDay, from onboarding to execution
  2. The benefits you’ll see after getting your suppliers on SourceDay, like increased OTD
  3. How to use supplier scorecarding to minimize your risk
  4. A look at the robust SourceDay supplier portal with two-way communication

Phillip Pavelka

Director, Syteline/CSI Practice @ SourceDay

Christine McAvoy

Director, Customer Success