The State of the Economy for US Manufacturers

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The State of the Economy for US Manufacturers

Dr. Eyler will provide a macroeconomic overview and a look at indicators from the manufacturing industry to provide an outlook toward 2025 for the industry. The US economy is likely to have a tough couple of years: how will a slower economy affect manufacturing?

The recent debt ceiling debate and new agreement may change the trajectory of federal spending on repatriating and augmented semiconductor (and thus advanced manufacturing) in the United States.

Dr. Eyler will explain in what ways these changes, global supply chain issues, inflation, labor force concerns and rising wages, and commercial real estate markets may all affect manufacturing not only in 2024, but toward 2030.

4 things you will learn:

  1. The latest forecast for the economy (labor market, inflation, GDP growth, interest rates, general economic change)
  2. How those changes relate to manufacturing: relationships among variables that affect manufacturing businesses
  3. Changes in manufacturing employment by state: major changes and where they are happening across the US
  4. Global supply chain changes and pressures: 2024 outlook

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Dr. Robert Eyler