4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Infor and Your Supplier Network [WEBINAR]

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4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Infor and Your Supplier Network

Your business’ supply chain is being talked about in the boardroom, whether or not you’re in it. Are you prepared to be a part of the conversation and present solutions to your team?

If you’re wondering how other Infor Visual customers have painlessly improved how they manage supply chain disruption, look no further. In this on-demand webinar you’ll get all the answers to your burning questions and learn about the “Secret Sauce” for a successful supplier portal.

This on-demand conversation with our supply chain management experts will give you the intel you need to improve how you work within Infor Visual and measurably improve your supply chain management. You’ll also get insider knowledge on how your experience using Infor might compare to others.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Improve supplier delivery performance
  2. Solve supplier PO acknowledgements misses
  3. Guarantee supplier adoption of software and tools
  4. Increase operations efficiency and automation
  5. Extend and expand the investment you’ve already made in VISUAL

Watch the Full Webinar Here

Clint McRee

Co-Founder & COO, SourceDay

Thanks to his background building cross-functional teams in technology and manufacturing, Clint knows how to implement real solutions for real business challenges. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-size manufacturers, thousands of organizations use SourceDay to connect their teams with their suppliers.

Since 2015, SourceDay has helped more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers process more than $66B in total spend.

Phillip Pavelka

Solutions Engineer, SourceDay

Phillip is a Solutions Engineer at SourceDay, where he has spent five years working with potential and current customers on best practices for embracing technology to protect revenue and cashflow.

Previously, Phillip spent 11 years in Contract Manufacturing, running operations and developing close relationships with Procurement to ensure materials did not affect customer demand.