Understanding When It’s Time to Move Outside of Your ERP

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Understanding When It’s Time to Move Outside of Your ERP

Your ERP does so much for you. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need a few tools.

Automation technology works with your ERP to centralize information, monitor performance, eliminate delays, and eliminate long hours of clerical work.

In their own respective ways, SourceDay and Enable both take ERPs to the next level, cutting costs and maximizing the value of your investment.

In this webinar, SourceDay’s Sarah Scudder welcomes Mark Gilham of Enable—a SaaS solution focused on automating the supplier rebate process, Jeffrey Moyle of Rexel Canada—a leading distributor of electrical products.

Sarah, Mark and Jeffrey will talk shop about opportunities for cost savings and extending the value of your ERP through automation technology.

Our panel will cover a few key learning points:

  1. Developing trusted, profitable relationships with suppliers
  2. Data visibility across the supply chain
  3. Maximizing the value of your ERP
  4. Scaling business processes

Sarah Scudder

Marketing Maven @ SourceDay

Mark Gilham

Evangelist @ Enable

Jeffrey Moyle

Vice President, Supplier & Digital Strategy @ Rexel Canada Electrical Inc.