Why SourceDay? Our Customers Will Tell You

We Don’t Need to Boast About Our Solution. Our Customers Do It for Us.

We pride ourselves on making customers happy. These are some of the reasons they love SourceDay.

We’ve helped them, and we can help you, too. See why our customers couldn’t do their jobs without SourceDay.

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“SourceDay is a need in the industry.  People need this type of tool.  While we received a lot of pushback in the beginning from our Suppliers, they love SourceDay once they adopt it.”

“I am a true fan of the SD system”

“When we started, the team was skeptical. But after about 2 months of usage I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

“They don’t remember how they run a PO without SourceDay.”

“[SourceDay] has been very beneficial in providing accurate reporting on deliveries, and helps keep us updated on any late or upcoming shipments. And the help desk is amazing!”

“SourceDay allows us to keep our team lean and mean.”

“The most valuable thing SourceDay does for my role is alleviate the difficulty of communicating with suppliers via email and tracking/updating PO’s, it gives a major quality of life improvement in the workplace.”

“My experience has been excellent. The implementation was flawless, the training and support has been excellent and we have seen excellent functional improvements in our Supply Chain as a result!”

Several times a month, expected purchases would not be delivered due to the vendor not receiving our PO. SourceDay eliminated this problem from day one.”

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