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Looking to simplify procurement for direct spend? SourceDay offers the #1 solution to your biggest procurement challenges all in one place.

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SourceDay PO Management Changes Everything

Manufacturing and distribution procurement teams have a difficult task keeping production lines moving while maintaining efficiency and cost savings. Our strategic PO management software transforms your supply chain and how you manage direct spend. Our secret?

Key ERP Integrations

SourceDay PO management software integrates with ERP systems to automatically circulate critical data between buyers and your suppliers in real time.

Brilliant Automation

SourceDay automates PO management processes removing manual, labor-intensive steps for the ultimate accuracy, organization and management of purchase orders and suppliers- all in one place.

We make PO management and buyer-supplier collaboration easy. It’s not only possible but guaranteed.

Key Product Features

We built our cloud-based SourceDay PO management software to solve the biggest challenges we know manufacturers, distributors and their suppliers face.


Automated Purchase Order System

SourceDay cloud-based purchase order management system extends the power of your ERP, so you can effectively manage direct spend and buyer-supplier relationships in only a few clicks. We digitize and automate purchase orders to help customers standardize processes to reduce errors, communication delays, material delays, frustrations and miscommunication. No other PO management software brings greater visibility into the PO lifecycle.

Once the PO is created in the ERP, SourceDay takes over: we expedite purchase order acknowledgments; track due dates, status and changes; and we will alert your suppliers to important PO changes. All purchase order details and buyer/supplier communications track directly with each purchase order, are updated in real time and immediately fed into your ERP so you can confidently find important information quickly – all without a single email, phone call or spreadsheet.

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Document Control

The SourceDocs module on SourceDay automates sharing and managing all types of documents with your suppliers. No matter how many suppliers you have, SourceDocs ensures your suppliers have the latest revision of manuals, prints, bill-of-materials, and specifications. Just upload the updated document into SourceDocs and in only seconds, the updated document is shared with your supplier. Quickly see when a supplier confirms receipt of your document, and easily send reminders to suppliers slow to acknowledge them.

Attach revised documents to a purchase order, a purchase order line, or a supplier and SourceDay tracks every revision change. If your document change impacts one or many of your purchase orders, we will automatically alert your supplier(s) helping ensure your materials arrive with the correct revision. No more harassing your suppliers and following-up constantly. Automated tracking and alerts will reduce errors and make your job easier.

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Request for Quote

SourceDay automated purchasing software streamlines the RFQ process, so you can ditch spreadsheets. Build your RFQ in SourceDay, and we’ll send it automatically to your suppliers, tracking its status in one place every step of the way. Gain a unified view of every supplier on your list, who responded, their best offers and their scorecard rating, so you can make informed decisions without the manual effort.

SourceDay will help you get the best pricing or fastest delivery terms for your materials. We automatically gather all your suppliers’ submissions and present the data in one unified view, so you can manage the process a whole lot easier. With the SourceDay RFQ, it’s simple to compare offers and choose the suppliers who best fit your requirements.

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Supplier Scorecard

SourceDay purchasing order management system includes a Supplier Scorecard that makes measuring supplier performance and communicating scores something you can actually implement. Our supplier scorecard keeps track of what matters most like supplier price variance, on-time delivery, quality and responsiveness. Suppliers have constant access to their current scorecard, they can self grade their performance and be proactive to changes in your business needs.

SourceDay ensures ISO certified companies maintain an in-depth supplier scoring system in order to remain ISO compliant. Through our automated scoring process, you’re demonstrating to your customers and ISO auditors that you have a system to routinely and objectively measure, track and manage each of your supplier’s performance. They can have confidence you are working with suppliers who have the best reputations so you can deliver quality products on time as promised.

No other PO management software makes scoring suppliers easier.

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Quality Control

SourceDay offers customers the option to embed a quality control system into their scorecards, automating the process of material disposition due to specification errors. The system tracks the incoming inspection of materials, placing parts in a quality queue and flagging them for review. If the item(s) fails inspection, the reviewer inputs the reasons into SourceDay and collaborates with the supplier to disposition the material.

All of the data is fed into the SourceDay supplier scorecard. This incoming inspection tool for supplier-provided materials helps buyers ensure the highest quality standards while giving suppliers incentive to quickly rectify errors in order to maintain higher scores.

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SourceDay enables suppliers to complete a detailed ASN document, save it in our platform and automatically send it to buyers prior to shipment. As a buyer, ASN’s will inform you which POs and what materials are shipping, and your receiving department will be prepared to receive each shipment by knowing the exact arrival date size, weight and quantity of boxes and containers to expect. No more surprises, missing items or unprepared staff.

SourceDay helps buyers and receiving departments improve on incoming supplier shipments with standardized barcodes and shipping labels. A quick scan of a barcode and receivers instantly know the contents of every box.


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