AP Automation

AP Automation

Process 95% of Invoices Touchlessly

The only AP solution for businesses that manufacture, distribute, or package physical products.

A First for Direct Spend

Manufacturers, distributors, and CPG companies know how difficult it is to match and voucher invoices. One invoice may include parts from several POs. Each PO could be dozens of lines long.

Before you fire up the printer and break out the highlighter, meet the solution that’s changing everything.

How It Works

Get to know our four-step process for digitizing and matching invoices.

Step 1: Read Invoice

SourceDay’s technology reads and digitizes supplier invoices, whether they’re sent as Word docs, PDFs, or other formats.

Step 2: Smart Validation

SourceDay reviews past purchase orders to match the invoice lines with the corresponding PO lines—even if they come from multiple POs.

Step 3: 3-Way Matching

Using your chosen matching rules, SourceDay automatically compares line items from the order, invoice, and receipt of goods.

Step 4: Voucher & Pay

Matched invoices can be vouchered with the click of a button. Any mismatches might mean there’s a mistake or miscommunication. Luckily, this only happens about 5% of the time.

Invoice with line item details highlighted

Laser Focused on Line Items

Most “automated” payables solutions compare the total cost on the purchase order to the total invoiced amount. But that’s not enough. SourceDay zooms in to compare each invoice line item to the corresponding purchase order line.

This allows for multiple releases, quantity variances, and price tolerances.

Invoice being uploaded to SourceDay

Business as Usual for Suppliers

Suppliers can still send invoices via email. You can opt to have them sent to a unique email address to auto-upload new invoices or drag and drop invoices as you receive them.

SourceDay will process the file, whether it’s a PDF or Word doc.

Invoice details matched to purchase orders

95% of Invoices Automatically Matched

Don’t waste time on lines that match anymore. Focus instead on getting to the bottom of mismatches.

When SourceDay identifies mismatches, you can correct the PO, request that the vendor update the invoice, or voucher the payment anyway. Give these situations the special attention they deserve.

AP Automation + PO Collaboration = The Perfect Combo

Manufacturer sets invoice matching rules

Set Your Own Matching Rules

Set tolerances for cost, quantity, total line amount, or total invoice amount and customize your choices by supplier.

As long as invoices are in the ranges you specify, we can match them.

Edit, void, or pay invoice options

Don’t Overpay, Underpay, or Forget to Pay

We believe you should pay your suppliers what you owe—no more, no less. SourceDay’s line-level matching protects your business against accidental overpayments and helps you take advantage of early payment discounts.

Accountant vouchers invoice for payment

Close the Books in Record Time

When 95% of invoices are matched automatically, closing the books takes a lot less time. It’s a win-win. Executives can review finalized numbers sooner. And accountants have enough on their plates already.

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