Quality Control

Quality Control

Don’t let bad parts spoil your day. Streamline your supplier parts inspection process and increase your confidence in the materials you receive. Easily track incoming inspections with parts from every supplier organized in a single dashboard. Supplier conformance reports also create an incentive for suppliers to quickly rectify errors.

Key Features

Dashboard queue

Every shipment is organized and prioritized in one unified view.

Inspection step tracking

Know where each shipment is in the process for greater efficiency.

Supplier conformance report

Quickly communicate to facilitate the disposition process.

How it works

All incoming materials are tracked for inspection and placed in a queue. As each part arrives, it is flagged for review. Each step of the inspection process is tracked and the status of all materials inspections is easily viewed in your dashboard.

Quality Control Product Screenshot

Quality Control Dashboard

If an item fails, the reviewer inputs the reasons; which are instantly communicated to the supplier to facilitate the material disposition process. All of the data is also fed into the SourceDay Supplier Scorecard, so suppliers are incentivized to quickly rectify errors to maintain higher scores.

See it in action

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