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Your Syteline ERP streamlined a lot of your processes, but when it comes to PO changes, your team is still stuck in manual work, like spreadsheets, emails, and post-it notes. SourceDay leverages the power of your Syteline ERP through a robust integration that handles all communication of changes for both you and your suppliers within one solution, so everyone is on the same page—all the time. By digitizing and automating the manual work your purchasing teams are doing, SourceDay makes your business stronger and more resilient.

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SourceDay Optimizes and Extends Your Syteline ERP

SourceDay’s integration is built for Syteline, allowing for automatic transactions from Syteline and to your suppliers, then writing any changes back into the ERP. Our solution eliminates manual entry errors and potential communication misses, with a robust dashboard that shows every line of every PO in real time. SourceDay’s PO automation improves operational success and continuous improvement in an area that is often overlooked, but is an immediate win for profitability.

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Automating POs with SourceDay

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PO Exception Management

Combined with the power and utility of Syteline, automated PO exception management brings key departments together into a single collaboration tool and gives visibility to all suppliers and company stakeholders. If you’re running MRP or APS, then you’re familiar with the planning detail screens in Syteline, and the difficulty of trying to manage all internal change suggestions around POs. Let SourceDay do the work for you, providing purchasing teams with a solution to efficiently manage change suggestions and pass critical information directly to suppliers.

Invoice Automation

Manufacturing companies know how difficult it is to match and voucher invoices in Syteline. One invoice may include parts from several POs. Each PO could be dozens of lines long. But, with SourceDay’s solution, you can process your direct-spend invoices automatically, from PO matching to Voucher creation. Our solution lets you free up your AP department’s workload, pay suppliers faster and more accurately, and, if you also use PO Collaboration reduce the number of total mismatched invoices.

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