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SourceDay automates the PO lifecycle for stronger collaboration and relationships with your customers, and as a result, you get paid faster.

SourceDay for suppliers

“SourceDay gives us a central hub to manage POs without having to go to multiple systems, and automates notifications to reduce missing any orders,” he says. “It’s a one-stop-shop for not only managing orders, but enabling efficient communication between the buyer and supplier.”
Heath Harp, Purchasing Manager at C.E. Machine

As a supplier to manufacturing and/or distribution companies, processing your customers’ purchase orders is likely a large part of your day. However, you are also constantly bombarded with RFQs, purchase orders updates, status inquiries, and changes. It’s a full-time job to stay on top of all of the spreadsheets, emails, faxes and phone calls from one of your customers, let alone all of your customers. One of the biggest challenges for suppliers is growing your business while at the same time being more proactive and less reactive to your existing customers’ needs. Without automation and visibility into customer data, however, suppliers are left in the dark and always on the defense.

The constant change inherent with customer demands makes purchase order and material requirements difficult to manage. There can be thousands of updates to track, from dates, prices, quantities and specifications – most of which require manual, labor-intensive steps. One missed change request or lost purchase order can detrimentally impact your customer and ruin the relationship forever.

Manage all your customers’ needs in one place. SourceDay’s purchase order management and buyer/supplier collaboration solution eliminates all of the headaches associated with managing your customers – and it’s FREE for suppliers.



SourceDay cloud-based PO management software is purchased by manufacturing or distribution companies who offer free access to their suppliers. Our system integrates with your customers’ commonly used ERP systems to digitize the purchase order process so buyers and suppliers can see real-time information.

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SourceDay automates the entire PO lifecycle, from RFQs to collaboration, making purchase order management and buyer-supplier communication a breeze.

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Manufacturing and distribution companies purchase SourceDay and give suppliers one-click access to every RFQ, every purchase order, and every buyer-supplier communication thread for unprecedented visibility into your customer’s data.

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“My relationship with my customer has improved because I can be more responsive and communicate faster. Everything is in one place, visible to me and my customer so there is never a risk for miscommunication or a missed item. I cannot think of a single thing I was doing before that hasn’t been improved with SourceDay.”
Supplier Account Manager

A Supplier’s Collaboration Tool

No more spending hours tracking down orders, digging through emails or losing purchase orders. SourceDay acts as the conduit between you and your customer, storing and presenting everything a supplier needs to stay on top of RFQs, POs and buyer relationships. Our automated purchase order system guarantees:

Greater Visibility

greater visibility

  • Suppliers have instant access to the status of every item and order
  • Suppliers can quickly identify problem areas, such as unconfirmed POs, late items or pricing and due date changes
  • Order changes are highlighted and easily identifiable for buyers and suppliers with one-click action items to “accept” or “reject” the changes


  • Suppliers acknowledge POs with a click, sending the confirmation automatically to buyers
  • Real-time supplier scorecard is trackable for both buyers and suppliers
  • Suppliers receive reminders when the POs are nearing their due dates, are late or “hot”


  • Every buyer-supplier communication thread is captured for historical reference
  • All PO changes are automatically fed back into buyer’s ERP
  • Suppliers have real-time access to buyer information for better planning

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