Learn How Global Supplier SMC Saved 5 Hours a Week

Learn How Global Supplier SMC Saved 5 Hours a Week


SourceDay Supplier SMC

As an account representative for a major global supplier, at any given moment you’re juggling dozens of open purchase orders that require updates to prices, quantities, lead times, delivery dates, and more. Your ability to keep track of these changes impacts your company’s bottom line and determines if your customers receive what they ordered on time.

Have you ever considered another way to keep track of all of these open orders outside of spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails? How many hours could you save not digging through messages to find a specific request or change on a single purchase order?

Meet Kenny

As an Account Representative for the global supplier, SMC Corporation of America, Kenny Zielinski knows this struggle all too well. In an effort to track order changes, Zielinski spent hours each week sifting through emails. On average, his largest account would send 8 purchase orders per day, each with multiple line items, precise specifications, varying due dates, and multiple changes–all piling up in his seemingly never-ending inbox. But, after abandoning his manual process, Zielinski estimates that he saves an hour per day.

When his largest account automated their system and adopted SourceDay, they asked him to reconsider his own PO management process and join them on the SourceDay platform for free.

We sat down with Zielinski to learn more about how he started using SourceDay and how it has helped him.

Changing Lives

The idea of automating these manual tasks with a software solution certainly struck a chord with Zielinski. He had been eager to find a less manual process for quite some time. Because his largest account had already purchased SourceDay, as their supplier SMC Corporation, was able to use the interface for free!

Zielinski learned the SourceDay interface after only an hour. He began receiving alerts regarding late orders, urgent requests, and updates on PO acknowledgments. With real-time data coming through, Zielinski could shift his attention from constantly cross-checking systems for updates, and spend more time focusing on relationships with his customers.

Since adopting Sourceday, Zielinski has more time to interact with, build, and maintain relationships with his customers. Get to know his story better and read the full case study.

Learn more about SourceDay’s SaaS solution and how we help manufacturers and distributors, like SMC Corporation, improve their supply chains and grow their businesses.