Epicor ERP + SourceDay

Helping manufacturers improve supply chain performance.

A Match Made in Manufacturing Heaven

SourceDay bridges the gap between ERPs like Epicor and the supplier network—so you never have to manually update Epicor again.

SourceDay’s collaborative platform gives your team full transparency into all open orders and lets you communicate, collaborate, and negotiate with suppliers on a PO line basis.

Straight From the Source

Hear from customers of both Epicor & SourceDay about their experience with both products.

The Bottom Line for Adopting SourceDay

In evaluating supplier management tools, Chatsworth wanted something more than “a glorified email exchange.”

When IT Is Too Busy for Another Implementation

Learn how Chatsworth got started with SourceDay and what the Director of IT really thought of the implementation.

Getting Suppliers Using SourceDay

A software is only effective if people use it. Learn how Chatsworth implemented SourceDay and ensured buyers and suppliers adopted it.


Get More from Your Epicor ERP

Epicor’s ERP system is a powerful tool for manufacturers. But when it comes to communicating with suppliers and managing orders, it leaves something to be desired.

Learn how your organization can get the most from Epicor’s powerful functionality.

“We met our SourceDay partners at an Epicor User Group meeting and saw a demo. It wasn’t much longer after we saw the demo that we were planning our implementation.”

Jonathan Peters, Director of IT, Chatsworth Products

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Keep Your ERP Up-to-Date 24/7

Whether you use Epicor’s cloud functionality or an on-premise ERP, SourceDay can help.

When a part ships late or a supplier changes their prices, SourceDay will feed those changes to the ERP automatically. Forget about wading through emails and manually updating the ERP at the end of the day.

Collaborate With Suppliers in Real Time

Whether you email, text message, call, video chat, or send carrier pigeons to your suppliers, it’s time for an upgrade.

With a shared platform where both parties can see all outstanding orders from RFQ to invoice payment, there’s no more “we said, they said” when orders don’t arrive on time.

Trusted by manufacturers like you.

Don’t Call Us a Supplier Portal

Many ERPs offer their own supplier portal experience. SourceDay takes the best features of those portals, like a single dashboard of open POs, and adds to them.

SourceDay’s goal is to help our customers improve their supply chain performance, which is why you can do things like negotiate specific line items with suppliers and upload spec sheets to individual parts.

We Guarantee Supplier Adoption…Really

We’ll get all of your suppliers up and running on SourceDay, starting with the most strategic accounts first. As you add new suppliers, we’ll onboard them, too.

We’re committed to supplier usage, and we make it as easy as possible for new users to get comfortable.

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